Battle Tested

Hello all!,

I hope you’re all in good spirits and doing well.  I am doing well.  This past week I received my life coaching certification which I am very proud of!  I can remember about a year ago at this time wondering what was next for me, determining I wanted to receive my coaching certification and then trusting God to provide the funding and the needed time off of work.  He did both!  Very excited to be a Certified Life Coach Practitioner!

Even though I’ve been excited in one area I’ve been challenged in another.  The life of a mom transitioning from parenting a child to an adult!  I’ve heard about this before, but now reality has hit. Whew!  As most of you know my son is away in college now, so I’ve actually grown accustomed to the physical separation.  My challenge is helping and supporting him as an adult.  I have no control over his life and can only offer guidance at this point.  

A few weeks ago he was at a place where he was being mentally challenged.  My immediate reaction was fear and worry.  I felt completely helpless. Then I remembered, a couple of years ago I told God I’d trust him with my son.  I could no longer hold onto all the weight of his challenge, nor should I.  God says in 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your worries and cares unto God for he cares for you.”  In all honesty it took me about a week to fully release it and be at peace, but God came through for my son in that situation.  He truly cared for him.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I went down to see my son play a game in person as his school is now allowing a select amount of family members to attend games.  Everything was going well.  The game was close, but that is to be expected.  All of a sudden as my son is heading to the locker room at halftime, he motions that his back is hurting.  Now my son was literally just saying on Friday how he was physically feeling great and now this!  In the past he has been bothered by back spasms, but there hadn’t been any issues for over a year.  Now all of a sudden when he’s playing his best basketball this injury occurs.

I just finished thanking God and praying that he continues to keep his body fresh, but we all know, we are not in control and cannot receive everything exactly as we want. I was disappointed. So I had a decision to make.  I could be angry at God and discredit him for not answering my prayer or I could continue to trust him despite this.  I chose the latter.  I immediately prayed right there in my seat at halftime and during the 2nd half.  I prayed that God would give my son His strength and power to fight through the back pain.  As a mother it was hard to watch, but I saw my son fight through it with grimacing facial expressions on his face throughout the 2nd half. He had 5 at halftime and finished with 20 points, helping to lead his team to a victory over a tough opponent.  

He’s still in pain today and is being treated for the spasms, but I’m trusting God that somehow he’ll pull through in due time and heal his body.  I have no answers on if he’ll play the next game or how his back will progress, but that to me is real faith.  Trusting God to be God, when you cannot see a way out.

So now I ask you, how’s your faith today?  Have you recently been battling through a challenge and made progress only to suffer yet another setback? Well, my friend, that unfortunately is life.  Jesus says in John 16:33 says, “In this world you will have trials and troubles, but cheer up for I have overcome the world.” My prayer for you is that you continue to fight the good fight of faith despite what you can physically see before you.  In due time if you believe, God will come through for you, yet again.

Have a great week everyone!


One thought on “Battle Tested

  1. “Battle Tested” is a testimonial that I hope would inspire blog readers in the household of faith to not get angry with God or give up when things don’t go as we have prayed. Were you disappointed? Yes you were. Nonetheless, you chose to trust God. Thx u 4 your transparent share!


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